While only children, God knew Dr. Matthew & Dr. John Wesley needed each other. Born only two months apart, their closeness was inevitable. From diapers to diplomas, their lives have been welded together from the beginning.

They grew up on farms about fifteen minutes apart, straddling the Jackson-Smith County line. Due to the addresses, they were enrolled in different high schools, but that didn’t deter their friendship.

Their families, both steadfast in their faith, attended Hickory Grove United Methodist Church. It’s a small church with a congregation of about fifty people. Their families have known each other for years, entwining the childhoods of the boys at every milestone.

Tennessee Tech brought them even closer together. Where once their academic paths were separated, they were combined for their undergraduate education. With the same goal of dental school in mind, their chosen major of Biology Health Science had them enrolling in the same classes, bringing their lives even more entwined.

They were both active members of Student Government, ChemEd Club, and Lions Club. Their Academic work load was tough as a pre-professional student, but the burden seemed lighter for them going through it together.

While at Tech, they both went through the process of applying to dental school, in hopes that they would be accepted into the same program. With thousands of applicants applying to dental school each year, it is extremely competitive to get into a program, much less the same program with your friends that apply. This is just another moment that they look back on and realize how blessed their journey truly has been.

After graduating from Tech, they made the move north to Lexington, KY. The Doctor of Dental Medicine program at the University of Kentucky carried a heavy load. The life of a dental student was demanding and time-consuming. In the hard times, they leaned on each other. In the good times they celebrated together.

Kentucky, though not home, was where they both first lived with their spouses. John Wesley married his wife, Samantha, in July of 2014. Matthew was the best man. Seven days later, the next Saturday, Matthew married his wife, Kali. John Wesley was the best man.

Their milestones have been intertwined all through their childhood, and now into adulthood, as well. They could never anticipate what the future would hold, but they knew they’d have the other to face it when it did.

In 2017, both John Wesley and Matthew welcomed baby boys into the world. Knox Whitson was a little late. Sebastian Halliburton, nicknamed Bash, was a little early. The boys were born less than twenty-four hours apart in two different cities in two different states.

As with all miracles, it could only have come from God.

From the first meeting, it was evident that Dr. Andy Thompson was a one-of-a-kind person. He’d built a practice with integrity and honesty, the same things John Wesley and Matthew strive for. Since then, they’ve continued to learn from him.

He serves as mentor, offering guidance and wisdom to them as young dentists and business owners. His team of caring and hard working professionals welcomed them into the fold, seamlessly, aiding them in carrying on the core values Dr. Andy founded his practice on. The transition to business owners wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s unwavering support.

It’s a path only the Lord could have orchestrated. They continue to carry on these morals that are the foundation of Dr. Andy Thompson, DDS and now Hometown Family Dentistry. Continuing in Dr. Andy’s footsteps, Hometown Family Dentistry strives to provide the best dental care available. While John Wesley and Matthew aim to be the best dentist, the best people, for Cookeville, Tennessee.

It’s a path only the Lord could have orchestrated. Dr. Matthew and Dr. John Wesley continue to carry on the morals and ethics that were the foundation of Dr. Andy Thompson’s practice. They strive to provide the best dental care possible to our wonderful patients.

They’re blessed to call this area their home. It’s a dream come true for them to build a life here with their families. Their faith has guided their paths together, leading them here. They’ll continue to pursue a life and a business filled with integrity and honor for their hometown.